The police have disappeared in search of Jason Dean Child (10) on their way to school near Leipzig

Leipzig – Who has seen the ten-year-old Jason Dean W.? The boy from Frohburg near Leipzig did not return from school on Tuesday.

Since midnight the police are now publicly looking for the boy.

"Actually he had to arrive in Frohburg shortly after 4 pm", said police spokesman Andreas Loepki. The mother eventually submitted a report from a missing person.

The previously executed and continuous search of the
The police were unsuccessful until midnight, it said. On Wednesday morning, every trace of the boy is still missing.

Most recently, Jason Dean was seen at 2 o'clock in the school for learning support in Luckaer Street in Borna near Leipzig.

The boy is described as about 1.40 meters tall, slim and blond with blue eyes. According to the police, he is light on his toes and is very shy.

The police takes note of the telephone number 03433 244-0 and in each department.

UPDATE (7:11, 8 o'clock): Jason Dean has been found safe. The public search has been canceled.