The president of Agbar demands institutional stability, so that the brand Barcelona adds value again

Agbar's presidential and executive vice president of Suez, Simngel Simón, said Thursday that institutional stability is needed to re-brand the Barcelona brand and give value back to companies, which they say is not happening anywhere. Agbar, who moved his headquarters in Madrid after the referendum on 1-O, is the only major company that brought him back to Barcelona.

At a conference organized by PwC, Simón Simón said that during the 90s of the last century the Barcelona brand helped companies that were internationalized because it carried a corresponding value. "The city helped companies with the" made in Barcelona "- said Simon arguing:" Now this is not true. "

Therefore, according to the president of Agbar, "we need institutional peace in Barcelona that allows us to go abroad." For this he has called for "peace and institutional security that also enables outside people to develop their projects."

Àngel Simón has complained about the obstacles of the administrations when making investments. He explained that his company has innovated by developing a system for the treatment of sewage treatment plants that uses energy and is completely circular, but that they were unable to implant it in Barcelona and that they had to do it in Chile.

Simón indicated that a great deal of investment is being made in the vicinity of Barcelona in sanitation that is not being done, and in this respect he criticized the government of Catalonia for collecting 150 million annual metropolitan areas and only 50 million euros to be put back on this area.

The President of Agbar has opted for public-private cooperation in the debate on the remarketing of water supply and has suggested that this debate has been forced from some areas, but that does not worry for the citizens. "The term" redescription "does not exist, it is a communication invention," he said.