The prisoner strangled his cellmate, took out his eyes and chained his ears

A prisoner in Columbia prison, in the state of Florida, killed his cellmate, he took his eyes outHe wrapped the body in a sheet and appeared in the cafeteria with one of the victim's ears on a chain.

According to the Miami Herald, the murder took place after a battle broke out between rival gangs in a building other than where the cell was between the victim and the perpetrator.

As a result of the confrontation, only one guard was left in the room where the prisoners are being followed.

The victim was identified as Larry Mark, 58, who saw a life sentence for a murder committed in 1981: with a companion the skull of a taxi driver struck $ 35 and a wedding ring.

Although the authorities did not provide details of the circumstances of the crime, the Miami Herald reported that, according to sources consulted, Mark irritated his killer in such a way that he was dead by strangulation. The attacker took his eyes and cut off his ears. He left the eyeballs in a cup with the intention of eating them later, according to the same sources.

An unconfirmed report ensures that the killer is sentenced to death for another crime and was recently transferred from Florida jail.