The PSC guarantees that it will not conclude any agreement with Vox, but avoids making agreements with Cs and PP in the municipalities.

Equality in money and ambiguity. The PSC has guaranteed this Monday that it will never participate in an agreement with Vox, but has not closed the door to new agreements with Cs and PP, which have criticism because they have committed themselves to the ultra-real in Andalusia. The secretary of municipal socialist politics (and mayor in Barcelona of the training), Jaume Collboni, said that it is "impossible" for the PSC to agree a majority with or to participate in that of Santiago Abascal, because the "nothing" will do the "close" to the far right, and took the opportunity to re-join Manuel Valls in order not to give up the support of Cs to his candidacy in Barcelona.

However, the socialist leader has always avoided denying possible future agreements in the municipalities with both orange and popular training. He made it clear that the socialists are "very critical" with these parties that "bleached" Vox and is far removed from this position ", but he did not want a red line in alliances with them sewing municipal elections in May." Collboni has the fact that the PSC "winning out" is protected in these elections and therefore it is not the time to talk about pact politics.

Socialist sources clarify that the intention is not to reach an agreement with C & # 39; s and PP in the municipalities after what has happened in Andalusia, although the election results may require specific pacts in a local key. Those of Miquel Iceta currently have a coalition agreement with citizens in Sant Andreu de la Barca (Baix Llobregat) and three government treaties with the PP, including those of Tarragona. The politics of the socialists has always been to give municipal autonomy to cities and municipalities with regard to the alliances of the municipal councils.