The State Council recommends stopping the hunt for wild geese

Hunters 0, bird defenders 1. The Council of State ordered the stopping of hunting wild geese on Thursday 7 February. Emmanuel Macron, however, had promised the hunters to extend the hunt until the end of the month to kill another 4,000, but the goose roasting has changed in favor of ecologists.

Every year at the end of winter, wild geese come back from Spain and pass over us, across France to breed in Northern Europe. Hunters can kill them until January 31st. after, it is the migration period and they have to stop. This year, to please the hunters, the president of the republic gave them another month, until the end of February. They kill 10,000 a year, there they had 4,000 more.

However, the Council of State said no, birds do not hunt during their migration. In their conversations with Emmanuel Macron last year, hunters agreed kill least endangered speciesif they could kill more birds whose populations perform well, they even call the finches, because there are many.

For the time being it has not been accepted by the government and for geese their population is fine. It is not a species in danger, but it is not no reason to make the hunt a month longer said the State Council, especially since it is practiced overnight. "So how do you distinguish a goose when it is dark with another bird?", Say the ecologists, who feared a hecatomb. It will not happen at last.

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