The Supreme Court blocks the abortion law in Louisiana, the first sentence about abortion with Judge Kavanaugh

This Thursday, the Supreme Court prevented the state of Louisiana from maintaining a law that, according to some groups of women, would only allow a physician who is legally authorized to carry out abortions in the state.

With five votes in favor and four against, the court said that the restrictions should be suspended while the opponents appeal against a lower court decision in favor of the law.

It was the first major action of the Supreme Court over the controversial issue of abortion since the nominee of President Donald Trump, Brett Kavanaugh, replaced judge Anthony Kennedy, who in general voted with the liberals of the court to defend abortion rights.

The vote was not a decision on the legal merits of the Louisiana restriction, but the decision to have the law suspended indicates that most judges have doubts about its constitutionality.

Approved by the state legislator in 2014, the measure requires that every doctor who offers abortion services has admission rights in a hospital within 30 miles. Two doctors from Louisiana and a clinic filed a lawsuit, arguing that it was identical to a Texas law that the Supreme Court rejected in 2016. In that statement, together with Judge Kennedy, the court said that Texas was imposing an obstacle on women seeking access to the abortion service without giving them any medical benefit.

The Center for Reproductive Rights said that Louisiana law would leave a physician in a New Orleans clinic to carry out the procedure, a drastic limitation that "can not meet the needs of about 10,000 women seeking annual abortion services in Louisiana. "

But Louisiana officials urged the Supreme Court to allow them to uphold the law. They said that the claim of damage from the opponents was based on the fear that the clinics would close at night.

"But that's not right, Louisiana is visualizing a regulatory process that logically starts collecting information from the abortion clinics of Louisiana and their doctors," the state said.

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