The three "solsones" | Archy news nety

Coming from Espanyol is very absurd. There are few incentives. On Friday, we won the Leganés (I said it all) in a game that left us (exhausted) to the fans. During the downtime even some cramps were introduced to me as a result of the effort of ninety minutes. A victory that made us quieter than happy. But life, and especially pericardial, teaches you that the absence of pain is one of the greatest pleasures.

Wednesday, a good result in the cup that leaves us with a bad taste. The feeling of a knockout already experienced, the doubt about what kind of appreciation we have to make the result, the fear of regretting the inability to kill the games. Even those who are already dead. In the midst of these small incentives, of doubts and fears, we keep our dedication intact. And we try to find reasons for joy. One of them, and not very important, we found him in the line-up that the team presented to Leganés. Especially in the middle of the field. Marc Roca, Óscar Melendo and Sergi Darder. Three boys from the house. But not alone.

The players of the establishment have added value. Flows are correct. The right one, good. The good, very good. And the very good, myths. One of the myths, one above all: Daniel Solsona. Very good – in our scale of values, myth and technical midfielder. A double singularity. Because the other myths of the establishment, or have defenses (we have a factory of power plants, we have always said) or murris strikers. Now we can align half of the field with three players who hit her and who are from the house. And that makes us happy.

Marc Roca is the indicator of this team. If he plays well, the group works. It is the point of balance. It makes it easy that seems difficult. When you are done winning power and safety, it will be international.

Sergi Darder is a young player who looks veteran. With a great ability to turn on the shaft and a gift to play the game. He is an intelligent player: a future coach. The day of the Leganés got some whistle to do what he touched: to reassure a party that keeps the ball without risking. Oscar Melendo is – and should – be a single club member. He went into the school and he would have to retire here. The ball sticks to its left foot and only they are removed from a violence that the referees never approve. We have to start a campaign: protecting Melendo protects football.

The five dolphins. The three sharks The three solsons. Let it be for many years. It would be the best signal.