The urbanization project of Cala Morisca in Tossa de Mar is "illegal"

"It is a real scandal," "A story of 25 years of surreal irregularities and events," "It is the fifth of immorality." In this way, the SOS Costa Brava and Amics de Tossa de Mar entities have defined the urbanization and redevelopment project of Cala Morisca de Tossa de Mar, which comprises 32 hectares of forest, on the coast, with 75 new building plots. A project that was initially approved by the mayor of the municipality, Gisela Saladich (United Tossa) and that according to the platforms is "apparently illegal".

"It prevents building on slopes that make more than 20% – which is contrary to the regulations – there is no evaluation of the environmental and landscape effects, the economic and technical solvency of the promoter company is not proven, it is a economically and technically unfeasible project; And it will also affect brooks and streams and deforest 6 hectares of oak and holm oak forests ", said the lawyer of the SOS Costa Brava platform, Eduard de Ribot.

Moreover, the entities have denounced the "exceptional speed" with which the renovation project of the promoter Tossagur SL, who is the country's largest owner, has been approved.

"The mayor needed only one month to process a project that would theoretically have to revamp 195 farms, 120 new estates that are being created and the distribution of 3.1 million budget of the urbanization", he underlined. ironically, the lawyer, who also assured that it is "a speculative company of Tossagur SL".

"The favorable treatment for the developer is surprising, which receives 45 building plots and does not pay any amount for urbanization costs that exceed € 3.1 million." The lawyer was surprised that he believes that the redeployment project is in violation of the law because it is contrary to the principle of equal distribution of benefits and expenses. "The neighbors will have to pay the costs of urbanization, but the promoter has not emphasized anything".

In this sense, the neighbors of Cala Morisca reported that they are demanding the payment of urban quotas of 60,000 euros and in some cases reaching 180,000 for owners who have bought homes in the 70-80 years. "And the answer from the city council and Tossagur is the same: that we should have asked ourselves 30 years ago to buy the house", complained the president of the association of plots of Cala Morisca, Lydia Guilera.

For this reason, the entities require the city authorities to suspend the permits for works, which means that the initial approval of the projects is no longer eligible and that this area is released. Moreover, they have warned all municipal councilors that they can commit "illegal" if they vote for the project despite the reported irregularities. At the same time they also demand that the Generalitat "implies" and stops the project that will affect a "Virgin Virgin" area of ​​Tossa de Mar.