The UVF threatens the disorder in East Belfast a few hours after the withdrawal of July fires

The UVF threatens the disorder in East Belfast a few hours after the withdrawal of July fires

L'UVF has threatened 'd & # 39 orchestrate and participate in serious disorder "in east Belfast, police said.

Threat follows a day of tension after contractors escorted by police cleared two bonfire sites

Significant police presence remained in parts of east Belfast on Wednesday evening.

Pyres at Bloomfield Walkway and Cluan Place.

Tuesday night, a judge of the High Court ordered that the fire on Bloomfield Drive be reduced in height

Police moved to the area around 5:30 am Wednesday, but Loyalists fired before the equipment could to be seized. The Bonfire of Cluan Place was cleaned up later on Wednesday.

Hundreds of bonfires should be lit at midnight as part of a loyalist tradition to mark the anniversary of the Protestant King's victory over the Catholic King James at the Battle of Boyne. 16 90.

A bonfire outside of a Holiday Inn Belfast (Niall Carson / PA)

It is believed that the threat of UVF's address to the police. [19659002Lechefadjointdelapolicedel"IrlandeduNord(PSNI)AlanToddadeclaredcontinuedthanksthatthoughtofplansdecruitment

" Police received information from the community stating that the East Belfast UVF has the intention of orchestrating and participating in a serious disorder in East Belfast tonight directed against my officers. "

" I would strongly urge people to stop all violent or criminal behavior. "To have influence in this community to discourage people from taking part in any illegal activity.

"The safety of the public and of my officers is of paramount importance to re-examine my resourcing plans to ensure that I am safe." there is an appropriate and proportionate police operation to deal with any disorder as it arises. "

The PSNI also confirmed that a viable craft bomb was found at a line of peace in the United States. East of Belfast.

There is reported a violent blow to the fence near the Loyalist Zone of Cluan Place on Wednesday afternoon, when a contractor took a bonfire by contractors under protection police officer

Peacelin side on Clandeboye Promenade

A smoking bonfire in East Belfast (Rebecca Black / PA)

No passengers were injured in the # 39 incident occurred around 7:30 pm

The bus was diverted to Blenheim Drive and was subsequently set on fire

Messines Road which was blocked by burning tires.

And there were reports of a security alert in the Belfast City Airport area on Wednesday evening

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