They arrest a homeless man: he has abused a girl in a shelter


The subject was arrested on charges of lascivious assault against a child under the age of six; the fact happened in a shelter built by the passage of hurricane Michael on Florida

The needy John Stapleton was arrested for abusing a girl in a reception center in Crestview (THE NEW HERALD)

John Stapleton, a 60-year-old homeless man, was arrested on Thursday, June 11 by Okaloosa County, Florida police station, accused of lascivious assault against a six-year-old girl.

The fact, according to the police report, took place in a school that was used as a hiding place during the passage of hurricane Michael over Florida. The man admitted that he had touched the baby, but not in a lascivious way.

On her Facebook account, the police reported that Stapleton was going to the rescue center that was installed at the Davidson High School in Crestview to take shelter there, and she fumbled under her clothes, according to a witness who said she saw him in a video.

The police assessed the recording and proceeded to the arrest of the homeless, who, according to the report, admitted that he did touch her, but denied having lascivious intentions.

The accusations against Stapleton are of lascivious abuse against a victim under the age of twelve.

According to the police, the subject is a poor one from the city of Destin.

With information from El Nuevo Herald and Cibercuba