Thierry Mariani treats Jean-Claude Juncker as a "notorious drunkard"

Thierry Mariani, at the meeting of the National Rally for the launch of the European elections campaign, on January 13, 2019, in Paris. – JACQUES DEMARTHON / AFP

A few days after announcing his rally to the National Rally for the European elections,
Thierry Mariani delivered his first speech in front of supporters of the party, Sunday, on the scene of Mutuality in Paris. The former minister
The Republicans attacked Jean-Claude Juncker, president of
the European Commission, calling him a "notorious drunkard".

"Jean-Claude Juncker, a notorious drunkard, perfectly embodies the drunken boat that has become the European Union," said the former deputy at the launch meeting of the campaign of the
National Gathering for
the European elections of May 2019.

Repeated alcohol charges

"It will remove the bar of the ship to force him to serve the people," continued Thierry Mariani. Fervent defender of Russia, the former Sarkozyist said that "the main threat comes (more) from the East" but "Islamization" and "immigration". And the new candidate of the RN for the Europeans is not the first to accuse Jean-Claude Juncker of alcoholism.

"I only speak with sober people (…). He should drink two glasses of water before opening his mouth, "Italy's Interior Minister Matteo Salvini said last October about the president of the European Commission. This summer, at the NATO summit, Jean-Claude Juncker appeared staggering. A Eurosceptic German MP denounced "a shameful performance", accusing him of being "drunk".
"I have sciatica, I would still prefer to be drunk," said Jean-Claude Juncker.