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  • The Berlin Public Prosecutor's Office investigates more than 100 cases for threatening e-mails, which probably have a right-wing background.
  • The mails have been received in recent months by authorities, politicians, lawyers and celebrities.
  • It is now being investigated for, among other things, predatory extortion, sedition and the threat of crime.

By Reiko Pinkert and Ronen Steinke, Berlin

A nationwide series of threats of violence has been bugging investigators for weeks. They are anonymously sent e-mails marked with "National Socialist offensive", "NSU 2.0" or "Wehrmacht". For information from South German newspaper and NDR there are already more than a hundred. The accounts from which the mails are sent, apparently vary. But the choice of words is always similar. Therefore, the investigators suspect a connection. The victims are personally addressed, it goes against politicians, lawyers, journalists, the Central Council of Jews, politicians of the Left Party. The singer Helene Fischer, who appeared after the riots in Chemnitz last September at a concert against xenophobia, should be among those affected.

Since a decision of all German Attorney General on January 21, the investigations are bundled. At the time, the investigators nationwide already counted 78 threatening letters, which they assigned to this series. Most of them, 22, had gone to Berlin. There, among other things, a law firm, several authorities and the Axel Springer Verlag were threatened. Now, the Berlin prosecutor's office is conducting a summary investigation against unknown; under the file number 231 UJs. 181/19 is about the charge of predatory extortion, sedition and the disturbance of public peace by the threat of crime.

"NSU 2.0" was also under a threatening letter to a Frankfurt lawyer

True, the e-mail threats of the alleged group "National Socialist offensive", "NSU 2.0" or "Wehrmacht" have apparently never been. It was "everything remained virtual," according to investigators. Sometimes the mail senders claim to have dropped bombs. For this reason, about this Monday, the main station Lübeck as well as on Tuesday the tax office Gelsenkirchen were evacuated as a precaution. Since December, at least fifteen times bomb threats with the sender "National Socialist Offensive" have also been received at courts or judicial centers, including the Munich Higher Regional Court, the Higher Regional Court of Bamberg, the public prosecutor in Frankfurt, and also Hamburg Airport. During searches, no bombs or other traces were found.

But seriously, you take these threats in any case, according to the authorities, partly because of the very drastic language. Thus stood in an e-mail, which went on Tuesday to the member of the Bundestag Martina Renner (left) and with "National Socialist offensive" was signed: one would send future mail bombs and citizens "on the street to execute". The sender (s) claimed to have assault rifles, pistols, and biological warfare agents. In addition, they accused themselves of having threatened not only the tax office Gelsenkirchen on this day, but "all" German tax offices. Whether it was always the same people or whether there are free-riders is still unclear.

With the abbreviation "NSU 2.0" also threatening letters to a Frankfurt lawyer were signed in the past months. The peculiarity in that case, namely that the perpetrators knew the exact home address as well as the name of their victim's daughter, is obviously an exception. In other cases, e-mails appeared to contain only publicly available information.

Right-Wing Right-wing violence and other everyday things

Right-wing violence and other everyday things

In Halle members of the far-right "Aryans" are convicted of a brutal attack on hikers. But obviously, the investigators are not particularly interested in the goings-on of the group.By Annette Ramelsberger


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