Three policemen killed in bomb attack while pursuing suspect

The explosion occurred in a tourist area of ​​Cairo. – Amr Nabil / AP / SIPA

Three policemen were killed in the explosion of a machine near the Al-Azhar mosque in a tourist area of ​​Cairo, the Egyptian capital, on Monday. They had chased a man suspected of laying a bomb near a mosque last week. In a video circulating on social networks on Tuesday morning, we can see police officers catching the suspect by bike and an explosion.

A suicide bombing

"While members of the security forces surrounded the man and were about to arrest him and control him, an explosive device in his possession went off," the Interior Ministry said in a statement. .

The suspect died instantly and several other people were injured. "The front of my shop and the windows were destroyed. But it's not just that: people are dead. It is a tourist area and such incidents affect it, "said Kareem Sayed Awad, a barber whose shop is located not far from the scene of the incident.

A wave of extremist group attacks in Egypt

The man was suspected of being the author of an attempted bomb near the Giza Mosque, west of Cairo, last Friday. The device was finally deactivated by the police, according to the ministry.

Egypt is in the grip of a wave of attacks by extremist groups since the military dismissed Islamist President Mohamed Morsi in 2013. The attacks were mainly concentrated in the Sinai peninsula (northeast), but also affect the rest of the country.

In December, three Vietnamese tourists and their Egyptian guide were killed in the bombing of an artillery bomb at their bus stop near the site of the Giza pyramids.