Tinnitus: A Healing Story - Munich

Donja Stempfle suffered from tinnitus for almost ten years, from doctor to doctor, without success. Today she is healthy and wants to show those affected: there is hope.

Some have a whistle in their ears. Or a throb, a hiss, a noise. About 15 million Germans suffer from tinnitus. For those who are seriously ill, it is agony. Donja Stempfle, 50, has had strong tinnitus for almost ten years – and is healthy today. In her book "Forget the tinnitus, and there is healing," she describes how she almost resigned, because the doctors gave her no hope. Stempfle is a medical assistant and lives in Gilching. …

Psychology What does meditation bring?

What does meditation bring?

For depression, eating disorder, anxiety and stress, meditation can really help. The most meaningful form and the question of how effective meditation and mindfulness apps are.By Judith Blage


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