Top buyers at the Ministry of Defense last year deposited nearly £ 200 million of taxpayers' money – including £ 4.7 million for a crashed submarine.

TOP brass in the Department of Defense last year paid nearly £ 200 million in taxpayers' tax – including £ 4.7 million for a crashed sub.
Costs of repairs on HMS Ambush could more than double after it hit a tanker from Gibraltar.
Alamy The MoD headquarters in Whitehall, London, where politicians with a red face try to justify their unimaginable budget expenditures Wayne Perry – The Sun question marks persist during the £ 1 million repair of HMS Triumph And £ 1 million of equipment could not are justified after a major adjustment of hunter-killer nuclear sub HMS Triumph.
Among other things, losses buried in annual accounts owed debts of £ 1 million for training by two unnamed foreign countries.
Ration packages worth £ 363,000 were unblocked after changes to the plans meant that they would not be used before the expiry date.
"Lost" gas bottles cost £ 3 million and £ 1.2 million overpaid amounts of military personnel were written off instead of recovered.
Minister of Defense Gavin Williamson, speaking on the deck of HMS MontroseBREXIT DEAL & # 39; DONE & # 39; Brexit deal & # 39; finalize MORGEN & # 39; according to leaked documents EURO CASH MONEY Threat The second Brexit referendum will be used by the EU to dismiss UK £ 4bn rebate BOJO CASHES IN Boris Johnson devised for £ 30k after dinner to raise divorce funds PM NOT FOR THE GUESTS Theresa May swears to scare the EU trap to keep us in the customs union forever BREX BLITZ ON CREDITS Tory MPs urge the government to reverse budget cuts of £ 2 billion to Universal Credit Israelrack Corbyn unleashes indignation by claiming that the EU only supports Israel & # 39; because of Holocaust & # 39;
The figures came to light when Defense Minister Gavin Williamson fought for more money.
James Price, of the Alliance of Taxpayers, said last night: "It is very disappointing that, despite so much goodwill towards our forces, this bureaucratic mess has made the taxpayers expensive again."
Gavin Williamson left with a red face after being "confused" by his own Siri & # 39; in the House of Commons
The Ministry of Defense emphasized: "We have saved almost £ 8 billion in efficiency gains since 2010. We are constantly analyzing where to invest our £ 36 billion budget and have robust processes to reduce inefficiencies where possible."
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The Department of Defense announces £ 2.5 billion of investments in nuclear submarines in the UK

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