Transport minister accused of conflicts of interest

according to The world, Elisabeth Borne must award the A79 market to which the Eiffage group, her former company, is a candidate.

Minister of traffic Elisabeth Borne is confronted with allegations of conflicts of interest, reveals The worldWednesday. At issue: the award of the future A79 freeway market for which the Eiffage group is a candidate and in which the Minister worked almost ten years ago.

The future A79 motorway will replace a 92 kilometer stretch of the Central European Atlantic Ocean (RCEA) route across the Allier and Saône-et-Loire rivers in 2022. This path is now called the "way of death" because of the many accidents that take place there. A tender has been issued to manage this market. Five companies are candidates and the final decision is taken by the Minister of Transport.

Among the contenders: the Eiffage company. Problem: Elisabeth Borne was the concession director of the group in 2007 and 2008. It is enough to stir up the accusations of conflicts of interest.

An accusation "absurd"

The Minister of Transport, Public Works and Water Management must make a decision within a few weeks on the basis of an expert report. "In such a case, the minister must be expelled or the technical committee must make its report public, so that the decision is not subject to suspicions". world a specialist in the sector. According to a newspaper, a Eiffage competitor questioned the ministry about this situation. He was told that the work of the committee would not be made public, as is the custom.

Contact recorded by The world, the cabinet of Elisabeth Borne calls an accusation "absurd". "There is no suspicion of a conflict of interest," says his office. "This concession project did not even exist when Mrs Borne was the director of Eiffage concessions, she worked neither closely nor far on this project".