Trump makes the last attempt to tear his base with fear Division and race anxiety

Donald Trump made his closing remarks on Monday and undertook a three-way tour of the Midwest for the major interim elections of a generation.

The president continued his approach of the past few weeks and used campaign meetings Twitter account and press conferences to warn of an "invasion" by a caravan of migrants approaching the southern border and the alleged threat of "left men".

It was an attempt to liven up his conservative base in the last days of a season of fear, division, and racial fear, allegedly pleading for Parliament's speaker, Paul Ryan, with Trump to focus instead on the roaring economy. . According to the website Politico replied to the president.

The presidency of Trump is at stake. If the Democrats reclaim the house as they wish, and the party leadership has said it will enable them to thwart their agenda. If the Republicans retain control of the house and the expected price of the Senate, they can be encouraged to fight Trump's policy.

When Barack Obama put his own final arguments against the Trump-appointing Democrats in Virginia, "the character of this country is the mood of who we are, is on the ballot box" – the president made a republican approval Monday morning before recovering in Ohio, Indiana and Missouri. He also repeated his unfounded claim to widespread election fraud.

Donald J. Trump

Law enforcement agencies have been urged to pay close attention to ILLEGAL VOTING, which can take place on Tuesday (or early elections). Everyone who is caught is subject to the maximum legal penalties. Thanks!

November 5, 2018

"Law enforcement officers have been urged to pay a lot of attention to illegal voting, which can take place on Tuesday (or early in the morning)," says Trump. tweeted "Whoever is caught falls under the maximum legal penalties.

The problem pops up in Georgia, where Secretary of State Brian Kemp, who is also a candidate for the republican governor, purifies more than half a million voters from the role of the state. Democrats and civil rights organizations have mentioned this voter's oppression in one of the most watched governor races. Kemp refused the charge.

Obama v Trump: contrasting pitches as an intermezzo – video

On the weekend, Kemp announced an unexplained investigation into alleged "cybercrime" by the Democratic Party of Georgia. Democratic gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams said on Monday that her opponent "had misused his power". If elected, Abrams would be Georgia's first non-white, non-male governor and the first African-American governor in American history.

The Ministry of Justice has announced that it would send staff to 35 countries in 19 states to "monitor compliance with federal electoral law".