Tunisia: riots after self-immolation of a journalist

A Tunisian journalist has lit himself. He was disappointed with the country's development, he said in a farewell video. There were protests.

Tunisian police are patrolling the streets of Kassérine.
© Mohamed Ben Salah / AP / dpa

A Tunisian journalist has set himself on fire in protest against the economic situation in his homeland and triggered protests. The man himself lit up in the city of Kassérine on Monday. In a farewell video, he said it frustrated him Tunisia Eight years after the overthrow of President Zine el Abidine Ben Ali economically bad go. He wants to start a revolution. The man, who according to media reports worked as a photographer, succumbed to his severe burns in the hospital.

In response to his self-immolation, demonstrators blocked streets in Kassérine, Zorgui's hometown. They also threw stones at police officers. The police used tear gas. A spokesman for the Interior Ministry said several people had been injured and arrested. Meanwhile, the situation has calmed down. For Tuesday, a rally in the capital Tunis is planned.

Eight years ago, a self-immolation sparked the Arab Spring

The self-immolation happened almost to the day exactly eight years after the self-immolation of the street vendor Mohamed Bouazizi, which had triggered the Arab Spring. Bouazizi had also set himself on fire on 17 December 2010 in despair over the economic and political situation in Kassérine, which had led among others to demonstrations and the overthrow of President Ben Ali. Dissatisfaction
Tunisian politics are still big today
, Despite democratic reforms, that has
North African country economic problems. beginning of the year
That's why it came to nationwide protests and riots.