Turpin spouses plead guilty to torturing their children

David and Anna Turpin were arrested on January 14, 2018 and charged with detaining their 13 children. – RIVERSIDE POLICE

The affair horrified America. California parents David and Louise Turpin, charged with kidnapping, shackling and mistreating twelve of their thirteen children in their "house of horror" in the city of Perris, pleaded guilty on Friday, including the recognition of torture, announced the services of the Riverside Attorney. In total, the 56-year-old man and his 50-year-old wife are responsible for nearly 100 criminal acts and face life imprisonment with a 25-year prison sentence.

It was one of the girls, 17 years old at the time, who gave the alert in January 2018 after escaping the supervision of the parents jailers. The police had found children, aged between 3 and 30 years old, for some chained to a bed, in conditions of extreme dirt and severe malnutrition.

13 children aged 2 to 29

A judge must decide the sentence that will be imposed at a hearing on April 19.

"This is one of the worst cases of child abuse I've seen in my career as a prosecutor," Riverside County Attorney Michael Hestrin told reporters at a news conference.

She was one of the 17-year-old girls who gave the warning in January 2018 after escaping the surveillance of the jailhouse parents by fleeing through a window in their home in Perris, a small town. a hundred miles east of Los Angeles.

The teenager was then able to call for help, telling the operator that her two younger sisters were "chained to their beds," so closely that their bodies were marked by bruises, according to the testimonies. "They chained us if we do things that we are not supposed to do (…) Sometimes my sisters wake up and start crying" because of the pain, had added the girl in a recording broadcast during a hearing.

When they arrived in what the American media nicknamed "the house of horror," the police had actually found some of the Turpin children. All but the youngest were in conditions of extreme dirt and severe malnutrition.

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