Two prisoners commit suicide within a few hours in the NM prison - KOB

Both men were in solitary confinement, in different pods.

Attorney Matt Coyte, who has filed a lawsuit against New Mexico prisons and prisons, believes that bad things can happen when people are forced into solitary confinement.

"Well, two inmates who committed suicide on the same day in the same facility is a stark example of the toxic effects that solitary confinement has for people who are isolated, particularly the mentally ill," said Coyte. "There are indications that at least one of them was seriously mentally ill."

Coyte does not represent Kosirog or Encinias.

However, online court documents show that Kosirog's spiritual ability to stand trial was questioned.

During the last legislature, the legislator passed a law that would have made it illegal to place people with psychiatric disorders, children or pregnant women in solitary confinement, but Governor Susana Martinez vetoed.

"It is so disappointing that the governor has rejected his bill because this is exactly the people we are trying to protect," said Coyte.

To make things more difficult, Kosirog was not convicted of a crime.

Kosirog was accused of the non-violent crime of criminal damage to property in Tucumcari.

The province transferred him to a state prison for what they & # 39; custody & # 39; to mention.

"The evidence is clear that isolation is toxic to the mentally ill," Coyte said. "Someone who is mentally ill and sent to prison because the prison can not cope with them for any reason and ends up in isolation is the policy for the corrections department – they will get worse, it is so obvious that it will get worse. . "

As for Encinias, the state prison system said that he had a medical problem that required him to be in isolation.

After KOB 4 contacted the corrections department, he issued a statement with the following text: "We are saddened by these deaths and express our deepest condolences to the families of Mr. Encinias and Mr. Kosirog."