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Unnecessary ultrasound examinations for pregnant women should soon be banned. That's right, because more insight does not bring any more perspective.

Comment by Werner Bartens

The fact that a child develops in the womb is one of the greatest wonders of all. It is no wonder, however, that many expectant parents want to follow each developmental step and gut kick of their offspring. Increasingly often, the ultrasound during pregnancy is therefore not in demand for medical reasons, but just so, to take a look at how the child looks.

This "baby television" is to be prohibited from January 2021 on. Gynecologists argue that ultrasound imaging is generally harmless, especially in the more time-consuming 3-D and 4-D examinations, but with frequent sound, the tissue can be locally warmed up to four degrees with unclear consequences. Therefore, let's stop now, "just so" to hold the transducer on the stomach of the mother.

Who protects women from unnecessary investigations?

This approach is correct and important, even if the health insurance companies for years only three ultrasound examinations during pregnancy are recommended and also reimbursed – unless for medical reasons more is advised. Right here lies the gateway for continued abuse.

Medicine Late in the tub

Late in the tub

Apparently, it does not seem to be good for babies not to have a bath right after birth. Especially with breastfeeding it works better then, researchers have found.By Werner Bartens

Already the innovation of the 3-D and 4-D images a few years ago brought no additional medical benefits, but only others – some say even ugly – images of the baby, true to the motto: more insight without more clarity. If the doctor and the expectant parents want it, can be found from 2021 on slightly alleged reasons for further ultrasound tests in order to undermine the planned restriction.

Far more mistrust of the anti-bones initiative is appropriate, because there is hardly anything like a normal pregnancy. Even today, more than half of all pregnancies are labeled with the label "high risk pregnancy", for example because the mother is a bit older, her blood levels fluctuate, the baby is a bit taller or his stomach is not optimally positioned. Who protects the women from the fact that they have to endure much more examinations during pregnancy than necessary?

The fact that doctors increasingly want to make the protection of women and babies their concern and prohibit unnecessary tests and therapies, is deserving. However, this suggestion must not only be convincing in theory, but must also be implemented in practice. The test is still pending. Subtle skepticism is more than appropriate given the pregnancy of pregnant women in the recent past.

Medicine Too big for mom

Too big for mom

More and more women give birth to their children by caesarean section. This is usually not due to medical reasons – the babies are simply too big. About the relationships of prosperity and growth.By Werner Bartens


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