United Nations: US and Russia are planning UN resolutions on Venezuela

The United States have launched a diplomatic initiative on Venezuela in the UN Security Council. According to diplomats, the US government submitted a draft resolution for new elections and international relief supplies to the South American crisis country.

Russia However, according to diplomatic sources, has already announced that it will veto the text and submit an alternative draft resolution criticizing, among other things, "interference" in Venezuela's internal affairs.

The US draft resolution, which the news agency AFP
demands "full support" for the Venezuelan parliament,
that as the "only democratically elected institution" in the country
referred to as. The text also expresses deep concern about the violence against
"peaceful and unarmed demonstrators" and calls for one
"political process leading to a free, fair and credible
new presidential election leads ".

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres
is invited to work for such a process. The
Draft also warns against worsening the humanitarian situation
and is committed to aid deliveries. According to the US government, the US government has no date for one
Proposed vote on the draft. The negotiations are ongoing
therefore still.

In Venezuela For weeks there has been a bitter power struggle between head of state Nicolas Maduro and the opposition parliamentary president Juan Guaidó, who proclaimed himself interim president in January. In the meantime, some 40 countries have joined Guaidó, including the US, Germany and other EU countries, as well as a number of South American countries. Russia is an important ally of Maduro.

Venezuela is currently facing a severe political and economic crisis. There is an extreme shortage of food and medicines in the country. Maduro balks at relief supplies from the United States because he fears a military intervention.


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