US military withdrawal will be neither quick nor brutal, warns an emissary

Landing of a Super Hornet returning September 23, 2014 from strikes in Syria on the US aircraft carrier George H. W. Bush – Brian Stephens Navy Media Content Services

The US military withdrawal from
Syria will be neither fast nor brutal and will be accomplished in consultation with the allies of the United States, declared today the special emissary
American for Syria, James Franklin Jeffrey.

Americans and Turks seem to disagree on the steps to be taken to establish a security zone at the border between Turkey and Syria. The two countries differ on the fate to be reserved
the Kurdish militias of the People's Protection Units (YPG), which play a key role in the fight against ISIS.

"We respect the territorial integrity of Syria but the central issue is the security of the Turkish border and the Turkish people," said Hulusi Akar, Turkish Defense Minister. "The central issue is security to get rid of terrorists whether they are the YPG or Daesh," he added.