US Senate blocks emergency wall funding, Trump responds "VETO"

Donald Trump in the oval office of the White House (illustration). – Evan Vucci / AP / SIPA

It did not drag. A few minutes after the Senate – though controlled by the Republicans – rejected emergency funding for the wall on the Mexican border, Donald Trump reacted on Twitter with a single word, in capital letters: "VETO". If he puts his threat into effect, it will be the first veto of Donald Trump's mandate.

This is a snub for the US President. The Senate voted 59-41 for a resolution, already adopted by the House, which proclaims that "the national emergency declared by the President on February 15, 2019 (…) is hereby canceled". Twelve Republican senators, led by former candidates Marco Rubio and Mitt Romney, voted with the Democrats.

Arm wrestling for $ 6 billion

An emblematic promise of Donald Trump's campaign, the border wall has plunged the United States into a fiscal and political crisis. While Congress refused to allocate $ 5.4 billion for the construction of the building, the United States had the longest "shutdown" (a budget paralysis that put 800,000 employees on leave without pay ) of their history: 34 days. After this episode, Donald Trump used his executive power to declare the national emergency and get $ 8 billion.

In the event of a veto, the US Congress has the power to override, but this requires a two-thirds majority vote. It is expected that 9 senators and 40 additional Republican representatives will join the sling, which is highly unlikely at this stage.

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