USA. "Why are we so angry?"

The American magazine asks in one of his last numbers: "Why are we so angry?" In his pages a great article looks at the mechanisms of this emotion and its social and political consequences.

According to the researchers, anger often has positive effects on the private sphere and is the cause of social movements that change the world. But it is also easy to manipulate by companies or politicians unscrupulous. American television has been able to take full advantage this spring, just like the presidential candidates since George Bush Sr. to Donald Trump, who has nothing against it to stir him up.

Halfway through his Presidency, "What made everyone angry in one way or another," it is urgent, according to the author of this article, to reduce the fever. Not to eradicate anger, but to get to know it and to dominate it, to channel it into struggles that are worth it.


Anticipation is one of the strengths of The Atlantic Ocean since its inception in 1857. This venerable publication, where the most prestigious springs of the moment are written, knew better than any other American magazine to