Vaccination - Essen Kita only accepts vaccinated children - Panorama

  • If you want to have your child looked after, you must first present the vaccination book in a day care center in Essen.
  • The private Hort carrier wants to curb the spread of childhood diseases such as measles, mumps and rubella.
  • Most parents are in favor of the decision. In public, however, the kindergarten has reignited the discussion about the pros and cons of vaccination.

If you want to register your child, you must bring the vaccination book. With a private Kita carrier in the Ruhr area is the duty. The "Kinderkiste" in Essen, to which four more hoards are attached, wants to protect against diseases such as maser, mumps and rubella.

"Just as Catholic institutions can be presented with a baptismal certificate, we require proof of vaccination from their parents," says Kita operator Jutta Behrwind. The obligation to vaccination "becomes part of the contract," the 48-year-old told the West German Allgemeine Zeitung,

"When everyone is vaccinated, everyone is protected, too, and there are many sibling children and pregnant moms in our day care center," explains Behrwind. However, there have not been any problems with diseases caused by unvaccinated children.

About 60 children aged four months to three years visit the five hoards. So far, the vaccination status of the children had been queried during registration interviews. If there were any gaps, a vaccination consultation was offered and recommended to the parents, the vaccination voluntarily catch up. Behrwind is said to have been loud for four years now WAZ already used for the introduction of a dutiful vaccination. For so long, she has already advertised for the parent councils.

This year, the 13-member council unanimously declared its duty unanimously. He considers the obligation to vaccinate "necessary and useful," says the Kita operator. Many more parents would agree. During the current registration talks so far only a single father had criticized the new regulation.

Private day nurseries are free to introduce vaccination

According to the city of Essen private day-care providers need for a requirement such as the obligation to vaccination no approval of the authorities, said a city spokeswoman. They could set their contracts freely. The health department of the city of Essen considers the measure of the "children's crate" but a good idea. For urban kindergartens, however, no vaccination is planned, said Amtsleiter Rainer Kundt the WDR.

The Professional Association of Paediatricians e.V. supports the idea. "We demand something for all publicly funded institutions and wish us a corresponding legal regulation," said spokesman Hermann Josef Kahl.

Contrainders doubt the effectiveness of vaccinations, fear the risks and rely on the body's natural defense against diseases. However, these positions are almost unanimously rejected as unfounded and unscientific by the experts.

Nevertheless, the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) does not advocate vaccination. It was probably rather counterproductive, they said. Researchers from Aachen and Erfurt have found that a commitment significantly reduces the willingness to vaccinate in the voluntary vaccinations, wrote the President of the RKI, Professor Lothar H. Wieler, 2017 in the Medical journal,