Venezuela: Guaidó camp hosts donors conference in Washington

Followers of the Venezuelan interim president Juan
want in the
next week in
Washington one
International donors conference in favor of the South American country
hold. As the
Representation of the
Guaidó camp in the US capital announced
is scheduled to organize humanitarian relief at the February 14 meeting
become. The conference should
According to information, at the headquarters of the Organization of American States
(OAS) take place. These
Guaidó already had
shortly after his self-proclamation on 23.
January as the rightful president Venezuela accepted.

Venezuela reigns as a result of the political and economic crisis
an extreme lack of food and medicines. The
Venezuelan "Transitional Government" under
At the conference, help from foreign governments,
private aid organizations, the Venezuelan exile community and the
Private sector, announced the Guaidó representatives. The
Interim President himself can not attend the conference – the Supreme Court in Venezuela has against him
Exit ban imposed.

Parliament President Guaidó declared himself Transitional President on 23 January. He sees the presidential election
last May as not legitimate because major opposition candidates are not allowed
were. As alleged election winner, the socialist Nicolás Maduro was appointed President. He is in fact in power.

Guaidó was
now by many western states, including the US and also
Germany, recognized as a legitimate transitional president. Maduro
By contrast, Russia, China among other things
and Turkey. Even the powerful military keeps to the socialist president. But a Luftwaffe general
is already in the camp of Guaidó
overflowed. Massive protests continued in Venezuela's capital this weekend Caracas, At two major rallies, both Maduro and Guaidó reaffirmed their claim to power.


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