Versailles Treaty: New food for hatred

The propaganda against the Versailles Treaty of 1919 was the sharpest weapon of the Weimar Right. However, the fact that the first German democracy failed at Versailles belongs to the realm of historical political myths.

Wutbürger 1919: Demonstration against the Versailles peace settlement in Berlin
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Max Weber was right: "Now it will […] the peace discredits
      not the war, "wrote the sociologist, who in May 1919 as a consultant to the German
      Delegation a few days in Versailles had spent. At the end of June of the year, the
      Germans negotiated there by the victorious powers Versailler contract, which after the
      World War I set the peace order for Germany. Even his contemporaries considered him
      as failed. And not only he: Also the contracts with the German allies – the
      Documents from Saint-Germain (Austria), Trianon (Hungary), Neuilly (Bulgaria) and Sèvres
      (Turkey) – were in their eyes bad contracts.