Victims of the London Bridge terrorist attack among those who received bravery awards

The heroes of the London Bridge terrorist attack, two of whom died trying to save others, were recognized by the Queen for their bravery.

The victims Ignacio Echeverria and Kirsty Boden, killed during the atrocity of London last summer. on the list of this year's Civil Gallery.

Ms. Boden was giving first aid to the victims at the scene when she was fatally stabbed. Mr. Echeverria died trying to defend a woman against terrorists armed only with his skateboard

Two policemen who fought the attackers during their murderous sackings in the center of the capital were also among those to honor.

Echeverria tried to stop the knife-armed terrorists with only his skateboard during the attack (PA)

British policeman Wayne Marques, seriously wounded after fighting the three terrorists armed only with his baton, said the reconnaissance was "a positive element of what was a tragic event".

The 39-year-old man, who hopes to return to work soon, added: "[It’s] a glimmer of hope I hope that not only me but my colleagues and my family and the people who have supported this can take some form of comfort and pride from. " [19659009PolisheroftheMolopolitanCharlesGuenigaultquickedwasnotaserviceatthetimeoftheappealtobeallowedtouseMarkMarksbeforehewasdetained

PC Wayne Marques was honored for confronting armed terrorists

They were awarded the George Medal for their bravery of an extremely high order.

Two members of the public who in turn helped the Met officer, staying by his side of the stage until the hospital, received the Queen's Commendation.

Ellen Gauntlett and Justin Jones may have saved the life of Pc Guenigault, said the award committee

The officer, who said he was shocked but proud of Received the medal, said of his gratitude to the pair for risking their own safety to help him.

He said: "This just shows you that you do not have to be a policeman to do something incredible

PC Charles Guenigault was awarded the George Medal for playing against London Bridge (PA) strikers

Leon McLeod, who was conducting a routine patrol with Pc Marques, continued the terrorist trio and helped the victims to provide first aid.

million. McLeod said that he was in disbelief of having received the Queen 's Gala. Medal

A minute of silence is held to mark the first anniversary of the London Bridge attack

He said, "I guess there are pats in the back and people who know what happened, but I have not had anything like that, I do not know. Never expected anything like it. " [19659002] Mr. Echeverria, who attempted to arrest the knife-armed terrorists with only his skateboard, posthumously receives the George Medal

The 39-year-old Spanish banker undoubtedly prevented new life losses running to terrorists to allow others to escape, said the award committee.

The heroes of the London Bridge terrorist attack have been recognized for their bravery (PA)

The family of Australian nurse Kirsty Boden, aged 28, who was killed while she was trying to help the victims on the bridge, said she was "very proud" of her by receiving the Queen 's Award of Bravery. Ms. Boden was one of eight people killed by terrorists Khuram Butt, Rachid Redouane and Youssef Zaghba on June 3

Romanian Florin Morariu, a baker who seized two crates of bread and threw them on the terrorists when he was Alerted (19659063) Sadiq Khan (left) talks with Southwark Dean Andrew Nunn of Southwark Cathedral

Other recognized in the 20- strong list include Hassan Zubier, who said he was "extremely honored" to be He received the George Medal after being injured while he was trying to help the victims during an attack at knife in Finland last year.

Thomas Jackson, died trying to rescue fellow countryman Mia Ayliffe-Chung during a knife attack Her parents Leslie and Sandra Jackson described it as a "bittersweet moment" for the family, but stated that they were "inestimably proud" that his actions had been recognized

Daniel Richards, who comforted Ms. Ayliffe-Chung on her death, receives the same medal, in recognition of her attempt to protect her despite the risks to her own safety during the incident in Queensland in August 2016

Four Border Forces officers – David Sant, Lee Townsend, Stuart Woodland, and Gareth Leadbetter – received the Queen's Bravery Award after rescuing 63 lives from each other in two incidents involving ships in difficulty. Water in 2016.