[VIDEO] Carmen Sandiego: Song of the themes of Netflix - Watch the opening credits

That weekend jam jam has arrived – you're dressed up to kill. Netflix on Friday published the initials and the opening title sequence for its upcoming Carmen Sandiego Restarts, and although it might not make blood pump like the iconic Rockapella version of a time, it fits perfectly into the mysterious atmosphere of the new series.

With Jane the VirginGina Rodriguez has the leading role, the Carmen Sandiego of Netflix moves from the focus "where" the iconic criminal could be to "who" is really, exploring its history with the V.I.L.E. Training Academy – an obscure organization that has since dedicated his life to stop. Along the way, it will be helped by a "player", expressed by Stranger things"Finn Wolfhard.

Here is the official log of the show, for Netflix: "Carmen is a modern Robin Hood who travels the world and steals from VILE and giving back to her victims Carmen is publicly perceived as a criminal by most of the forces of order – correction, make this a criminal master because of the vastness and theatricality of his shots.We will follow his escapades and we will discover not only where but who is in the world is Carmen Sandiego? "

Press PLAY on the video above for your first taste of the theme song Carmen Sandiego, then leave a comment with your thoughts below: will you follow his journey on Netflix?

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