Vladimir Putin oversaw the large-scale military exercises "East-2018"

Large-scale military exercises have now been held for several days in the east of Russia. Today was the highlight – at the firing range of Tsugol, the troops of the central and eastern districts, together with the units of the armies of China and Mongolia, turned the offensive of the conventional enemy.

Behind the scene from the stage was observed by the Supreme Commander-in-Chief. As Vladimir Putin noted, all units and units fulfilled their assigned tasks. At the same time, the president emphasized that Russia is a peace-loving country, but it is ready to defend its interests and security.

From Chita to the military range, Tsugol is just over half an hour by helicopter. During the flight, the Minister of Defense shows the commander-in-chief a huge field for the coming maneuvers. After the landing Vladimir Putin, accompanied by Sergei Shoigu and head of the General Staff Valery Gerasimov, went to the command post, where he greeted the Chinese defense minister.

Theater of military operations – conditions close to fights. 25,000 troops and 7,000 weapons, all on the same firing range of Tsugol.

Today, perhaps, the most spectacular part of the maneuvers "East 2018" – the largest in the country exercises for the past 40 years. The organizers prepared a very special operation: in the beginning, the military forces of the Russian forces repelled the attack of the conventional enemy, and then proceeded to attack along with the allies from Mongolia and China. Several motorized rifle brigades stormed enemy facilities together with the tank department of the Central Military District. In order to gain a foothold, the minefields have to be overcome and the explosives are dropped from the helicopters. The mining of the site takes place from a height of 30 meters with a speed of up to 160 km per hour.

At one point it was necessary to force a water hazard – armored vehicles and infantry were transferred across the river using pontoons. Artillery together with deployed missile systems contributed to the success of the offensive.

"Iskander", "Tornado", "Hurricanes" and "Grads" destroyed the conventional targets while our aviation gained ground. At the same time, immediately from different airports of the Far East, a group of strategic Tu-95 missile carriers and Su-24 front-line bombers rose to the heavens.

The launches of cruise missiles and point-to-air attacks ultimately determined the outcome of the battle. During the field inspection of troops and military equipment, the president greeted participants in the maneuvers. Vladimir Putin greatly appreciated the combat training, noting that our army and navy have been through such difficult research for the first time.

"Russia is a peace-loving state, we can not and must not have aggressive plans, and the active policy focuses on cooperation with all the countries that are interested in. That is why 87 observers from 59 countries of the world attend these maneuvers. Our duty to our country and motherland to stand ready to defend the sovereignty, security and interests of our country and if necessary – and support allies, so we will continue to strengthen our armed forces, equip with the latest generation of equipment, developing international military cooperation, "the president remarked.

Vladimir Putin has awarded medals to military personnel from Russia, China and Mongolia, who have distinguished themselves during the exercises. More than 3,500 participants came to maneuvers from China alone.

"I would like to express special thanks to the military of the People's Republic of China and Mongolia.Our fighting brotherhood has long and strong traditions.We in Russia will always honor the courage of the heroes of Khalkhin-Gol, remember that during the Second World War our countries were allies Together they resist the aggressor and today they solve the common important task – they jointly provide stability and security in the Eurasian space, "said Vladimir Putin. .

Many maneuvers have followed the maneuvers. Military attaches in the stands fished every battle.

"First of all, I would like to point out that the coordination of army units at the highest level is really impressive! And it is also interesting that the Chinese army takes part in the maneuvers", said the military attaché (France) Pierre-Marie Liège.

Prior to the organizers of the exercise "East-2018" do not promise less fun stages. Large-scale maneuvers last until 17 September on the territory of two military districts, as well as in the marine waters of the Far East and part of the Pacific Ocean.

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