Washington and Moscow propose opposing draft resolutions

About 50 countries consider the second term of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, illegitimate, to be "illegitimate" on January 10, considering that his election, boycotted by the opposition, has not been transparent. – Miguel Gutiérrez / EFE / SIPA

The United States has proposed to the Security Council a draft resolution on Venezuela, calling on it to facilitate international humanitarian assistance and to commit to a presidential election, a text that has prompted a counter-proposal by the
Russia, according to diplomats.

The American project obtained Saturday by AFP expresses "the full support" of the Council to the Venezuelan National Assembly, "the only institution democratically elected in Venezuela." Highlighting "deep concern over violence and the excessive use of force by Venezuelan security units against peaceful and unarmed protesters", the text calls for "a political process leading to a free, fair and credible presidential election" .

Facilitate access and delivery of humanitarian aid

The Washington project also calls on UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres to "use his good offices" to secure such an electoral process. Finally, he insists on the need to avoid "further deterioration" of the humanitarian situation and "to facilitate access and delivery of aid for all who need it" in the country.

At this stage, no date has yet been advanced by Washington for a vote on the US text and negotiations are continuing, according to a diplomat. According to another diplomat, if a poll is held, Russia, backed by President Nicolas Maduro and accusing the United States of backing a "coup" in Venezuela, will use its veto.

Moscow supports a peaceful settlement of the current situation

On Friday, Moscow proposed to its 14 Security Council partners an "alternative text" to that of the United States, according to diplomatic sources. The text obtained Saturday by AFP expresses "the concern" of the Council face "threats to use force against the territorial integrity and political independence" of Venezuela. He also criticizes "the temptations to intervene in matters that are mainly domestic affairs" in this country.

The Russian project calls for "a settlement of the current situation (…) via peaceful means. He also supports "all initiatives aimed at finding a political solution among Venezuelans, including the Montevideo Mechanism", on the basis of a national dialogue. "

Maduro refuses humanitarian aid sent by the United States

Humanitarian aid sent by the United States was recently sent to the Colombian town of Cucuta, on the border with Venezuela, but President Maduro assured that it would not enter his country.

The opponent Juan Guaido, recognized as interim president of Venezuela by forty countries, said Friday ready for anything, including allowing a military intervention of the United States, to chase Nicolas Maduro from power.

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