Watch out for this photo of police and firefighters clashing out of context

The photo of July 2018 became viral in 2018 (and 2019). – screenshot / Facebook

  • On Facebook, a viral photo shows a police officer holding a firefighter.
  • "Here is the image of France today in the whole world !! Our saviors of life! It's a scandal "denounces the post in question.
  • Contrary to what it suggests, the scene dates back to July 2010, in Nice, during a firefighters event.

"Here is the image of France today in the whole world !! Our saviors of life! It is a scandal ". On Facebook, this cry of indignation, associated with the photo of a firefighter who raises his hands in front of a policeman who plays him, has accumulated more than 14,000 shares since it went online on February 10.

The scene is authentic, but, contrary to what its legend suggests, it is far from recent or related to the social protest of the "yellow vests" started in November 2018 since it was taken nine years ago.


This clash between firefighters and law enforcement officers took place on July 16, 2010 in
Nice, when a hundred fire soldiers gathered to protest against the pension reform. Tensions rise in the late morning to the prefectural palace, to the point of bringing five arrests among firefighters,
as told at the time Nice morning : "Grids are forced, CRS intervene. One of them, jostled, hurts himself by falling. In a spontaneous surge, firefighters flow back to the Albert 1st garden. Police, in cordon, block the strikers. "

"While most run back to City Hall, some try to sneak to the side. A tear is dropped, shots are exchanged. It is 11:30, a fireman is on the ground. The bloody face, a brief unconscious moment, he is transported by his colleagues to the hospital emergency room. Another, slightly wounded, is immediately handcuffed "continued the local daily in this article illustrated by the photograph in question, taken by one of his photographers, François Vignola.

Faced with the viral success of this reuse out of context of the photo, Nice morning had already split
an article in December 2018 to recall its origin and emphasize that it had nothing to do with the recurring events of recent weeks.

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