Watford: Sir Elton John is ecstatic

Watford: Sir Elton John is ecstatic

After four games with four wins, Watford stands in third place in the English Premier League.
 It was the club before the season for the bookmaker one of the relegation candidates.
 In addition, there have been some noise in the past few years by machinations of the Pozzo family, which leads the club.



    Throughout his life, Sir Elton John has put himself into the service of Watford FC, whether as owner, fan or now honorary president. The British pop musician gave concerts, the revenue of which he left to the club. His involvement with the London suburban club, English championship runner-up in 1982/83, is in contrast to the appearance of other personalities who are out to make their mark in their stadium visits on the island. Years ago, Elton reminded John that he was angry that the game would be taken away from the people who loved it. Two weeks ago, the game came back to Elton John, as he had wished.

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