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The British Prime Minister Theresa May In her speech in the House of Commons on Tuesday afternoon, she wants to ask for more time for improvements to her Brexit agreement with the EU. "Now we all have to keep our nerves to get the changes that this House has demanded, and deliver the Brexit on time," it said in previously published excerpts of their speech. The talks are in a decisive phase.

May has a statement in the early afternoon lower house announced the state of negotiations with the EU. On Thursday, the parliamentarians will then vote on further steps in the exit process.

Britain's exit from the European Union is scheduled for 29 March. The British House of Commons had clearly rejected the exit agreement negotiated by May in mid-January and called for improvements. It is mainly about the so-called backstop, with which the EU wants to prevent a hard border between the British province of Northern Ireland and the EU member Ireland.

May wants to assure members of parliament, according to the speech, that "with the necessary changes in backstop, a strengthening of workers' rights and environmental protection, as well as a greater role for Parliament in the next negotiation phase, an agreement is possible" that can "support this House".

Desperate search for solutions

In numerous meetings with EU representatives, the British government is currently trying to find a solution for a regular exit from the EU. Among other things, Foreign Minister Jeremy Hunt traveled to Paris on Tuesday, while Brexit minister Stephen Barclay and May's deputy David Lidington met with EU parliamentarians in Strasbourg.

The EU's Brexit chief negotiator, Michel Barnier, had demanded from the UK on Monday that it was leaving the EU. In the evening, Barnier met again for a working lunch with Barclay in Brussels to testify, according to his own statements, whether changes to a political statement on future relations accompanying the withdrawal agreement could be part of a solution.

So it goes on with the Brexit

Britain is in a dead end. In the lower house there is no majority for any Brexit variant.

Flowchart with the possible outputs of the Brexit negotiations



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