We are all poisoned! | TIME ONLINE

There is much talk of the dust, of these incredibly tiny ones
      Granules that reach deep into our body with every breath, right down to the lung tissue,
      yes, into the blood, without us getting it right or know what they are doing there. Similar is
      it with the plastic, which, grated into microfine particles, down to the deepest depths
      penetrates into the sea and the people. And do not you long know that
      countless chemicals, whether plasticizers, fragrances or flame retardants, in our bodies
      lead their own life? We are hazardous waste on two legs. Toxic, what else.

Nobody should underestimate this feeling of self-indulgence. In a formative way, it defines our epoch in which many long for new purity, for control and clear identity – all the more so as their own body threatens to become the object of immigration. Alienation in the fatty tissue! Irritants without residence permit! Does not anyone protect us from the loss of control?

For a long time, the border fence and the border debate have more to do with one another than is commonly assumed. It may be strange to think of somatic and social, health and social poisoning fears – but that is exactly what happens. Anyone who says toxic today no longer means just bad substances. He also means evil subjects. He means the filth of the chimneys as well as the souls.

So it is no coincidence that of all the small adjective toxically just laying down an amazing career: just yet a specialist vocabulary from the labs, it has risen to the general metaphor of the present. It can be heard and read everywhere, it permeates public speaking and thinking, and by the way also in the English-speaking world. Recently was
Elected Word of the Year 2018 by the Oxford Dictionaries.

Apparently, one wants and should now imagine everything and everything as infected and infectious. Some speak of toxic families, others of toxic partnership, colleagues too can be toxic, teachers certainly, and without the toxic masculinity the discourse on gender issues is almost unthinkable.

Then of course: toxic policy. The Toxic Twitter Instagram Snapchat Babble. And sometimes even ideas that are not your own, seem to develop such a toxic effect that you prefer to stay in your own bladder than to contaminate yourself in exchange with dissenters.

Which spectrum of toxicity is meticulously covered by the metaphor is not always easy to determine. Sometimes it's the hysterical laughing neighbor or the ill-tempered conductor who are considered toxic just because they do not have the middle-class noncommitment that is generally expected. In the past, you would have been annoyed at pomp, frivolity, bad education, perhaps you would have said that was not quite normal. But because it is such a thing with normality, since deviant behavior is regarded as the epitome of a successful individualization, one speaks rather in the jargon of the radiation and pollutant agents. Sounds much more neutral, somehow more tolerant. Quite as if you have nothing against idiosyncratic types. Only something against their contaminating effect.

Hardly any other word is more vicious than this. Anyone who is called a scoundrel, an egomaniac or a creep, has at least the chance to improve in character. But what should someone do to whom you stick a poison warning sign? He can only deliver himself to the next landfill: unregenerable, like contaminated sewage sludge or everlasting atomic residues.