We have been told that a Brexit deal is nearby - but is the EU planning to push UK into violent chaos?

They say that a Brexit deal is nearby. We just do not see how it can be done.
The EU demands from Theresa a request that she can not fulfill without national humiliation, massive denunciation of the cabinet and almost defeat against the Commons.
AFP or licensors Theresa May has only a few days left to make a deal with the EU for a crisis summit. Brussels must know that it is completely unreasonable to demand that we remain in their customs union for an indefinite period of time.
Or that they have to dictate when we can finally leave. What they would never do.
A majority of 17.4 million voted to leave. MPs voted that meant leaving the customs union.
Our democracy, sovereignty and trade prospects are all at stake. Mrs. May has to defend all three of them. God knows what happens next week if she does not.
AFP The EU demands even more concessions from the United Kingdom. The Remain Ultra should love this chaos. Except that they have incurred their own disaster. The EU says that if we were to hold a second referendum and vote for Remain, they would get rid of our historic discount on payments to Brussels.
So together with violent riots, a collapse of confidence in democracy and a huge increase of extremism, Residing would come with a completely new price tag on top of EU membership costs:
Four thousand million pounds a year.
Good luck with selling.
Michel Barnier says that an agreement can be reached by Wednesday, but only if the prime minister agrees to impose a border between Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Step on gas
Finally, fracking can finally start today.
Fracking will start again in Great Britain today after the bid by an environmental campaigner to stop the move has failed. Nobody knows whether shale gas will be as transformative here as in the US. But it is terrible that we have not been able to explore it for seven years.
This potential gold mine, lowering bills for millions and ending our dependence on imports, has been scandalized by the enemies of progress.
The noisy protests of the ecolobby, absurd propaganda and outdated fears have cost politicians and half of the population. The only thing many Brits know about fracking is that they have to be against it.
That will change if the enormous reservoirs of gas under our feet can be extracted to power the country for decades.
Thanks to the defeat of the last unfounded lawsuit, we can at least start to figure it out.
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Cheesed off
THE Tories have lost their sense if they really intend to legally bully the size or content of a pizza.
Pizza's will be limited to 920 calories, when the government implements new proposals, taxes on carbonated drinks, shopping bags and coffee cups. Now a serious attempt, in panic about obesity, to remove greasy toppings through dictation.
Brits consume fewer calories and less sugar than decades ago. But a government that seems to believe its role is to regulate our behavior as if we are mischievous children who have plans to bully us to eat less.
It threatens to be remembered as a babysitting regime that interfered with our diet, indulged pleasure and ease and devised new ways to make life more expensive for the low-paid.