Werner Doralt: The Tax Commissioner | Temporary work

With Werner Doralt it's a bit like a concert: everyone
      Discussion about the tax system is the baton on the finance law experts. Everything
      is waiting for his assignment. So again this time in the current debate about tax reform and
      Top rate. The edged comments and analyzes of the numerologist then sound
      promptly, sometimes in the staccato of the current daily news or virtuously, by TV presenters
      herbeidirigiert. Most of the time you can see the 76-year-old professor with the dense, dark ones
      Eyebrows vigorously sitting in front of a bookshelf in his office in Bankgasse
      the city center of Vienna, hunched forward urgently. He wants to be understood, that stresses
      He often states, "I want people to understand what politics has decided for them."

What goes under the shadow of the spotlight of the media: Werner Doralt is a clever inventor. As publisher of the
code, the many-volume collection of Austrian laws, which is always brought up to date, sold the businessman fleet-footed more books in a year, as many an Austrian bestselling author must have laboriously sold to go through as a bestseller. He and the publishers definitely do not want to call numbers. Booksellers call the series a little prosaic
cash cow, The compendia count to standard works, every Jus student accesses to this invention of the professor. Judges enter the courtroom with the yellow book under their arms, and almost every lawyer uses it as a reference book. There are now 70 volumes, from corporate and constitutional law to civil law, every matter has its own volume. This year celebrates the
his 40th anniversary. A quiet triumph is that for the long-riddled outsider Doralt, who had once actually arranged to do nothing.

He has not completely discarded the outsider role. Flashes of light on strong sales figures and editions, this is reflected in the image of the pondering rather left-leaning professor and is rather unpleasant to him, sales figures would not matter, he says.

Promote left-liberal ideas, but with conservative means

His success is probably doing something to the point. His rise has made a self-doubter self-confident opponent of societal decomposing developments. This is what fellow travelers say and emphasize their social commitment. The professor has already led many a procedure for the needy, who could not afford a trial – or he took over the same process costs. His students regularly invite the "musical jester," as he likes to call himself, to operas or a museum "to arouse the enjoyment of the cultural."

Especially in the conservative legal profession, the professor with a willingness to change often feels like a foreign body with his demands: a promoter of left-liberal ideas, but with conservative means. If he wants to see some government taxpayer stuffed with private funds. Or when he is railing against privileges – against foundations, for example, or against inflation-adjusted and therefore far too high civil servant pensions, advantages of his own guild. Currently, Doralt warns of superficial cosmetic surgery in the tax policy"At first glance, they may seem neat, but they may obscure possible social consequences:" Cutting social security contributions is certainly a positive move, "he says," but that could lead entrepreneurs to lower wages accordingly. " You have to say that.

Werner Doralt wants to be understood. And that's probably another provocation to many of his colleagues. A style guide to understandable language is part of his standard textbook on tax law, which reads almost like a pamphlet against the bulky lawyer German. For his urge for comprehensibility and brevity, the professor was often dismissed as unscientific.

The "Codex" is not a pure success story

The best way to tell why Werner Doralt voluntarily and involuntarily sidelined himself. The history of the Code in the 1970s is not a pure success story. And that's why it fits in with Werner Doralts own life story, which deals with many descents.

"Now you can wrap up with your yellow books," some of his colleagues mocked back then, as a rival publisher with a pompous advertising machinery launched its own law collections. Doralt's newly launched ship threatened to sink.


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