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CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK) – "The lack of respect shown last year to teachers, service staff and students," said Sen. John Unger, (D) Berkeley.

"No one is more important than our children in this state," said Sen Sue Cline, (R) Wyoming.

The very heated and emotional debate lasted three hours. As with the vote in the committee, the full vote in the Senate 18 to 16 was in favor of the law. Although the bill contains popular items, such as a 5 percent salary increase for teachers, it also has things like charter schools and educational savings accounts that sow a lot of divisions.

"I admit that there are a number of controversial things in the bill, but there is also a lot of goodness that will take more money to local authorities and give them more power to train more people in their country," State Sen said. Charles Clements, (R) Wetzel.

"There are certain things in this bill that are good and certain things that are not, and we feel that the bill has gone too fast, there will be problems along the way, problems in the future," said Sen.Rome Roman Prezioso, ( D) Marion – minority leader.

Two Republicans joined the Democrats to oppose the law, but the majority party had the upper hand.

"I continued this when I decided to work for the Senate, this is a promise for me," said Sen. Patricia Rucker, chairman (R) Jefferson – education committee.

Last year, teachers finished nine days of their work, and leadership assesses its options this year.

Question: Can we see a scene as we saw here last year, with thousands of teachers?
"You know as an old coach, I do not publish my playbook in advance, so!" said Dale Lee, president of the West Virginia Education Association.

The debate also focused on whether courts could declare the bill unconstitutional, or not.

The next stop for the Education Bill is the House of Delegates. Many members prefer to split the bill into individual issues, rather than voting on it as one massive Education Bill.

You can read the full text of the invoice here.

You can see here who voted for and against the bill.


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