What is revealed by the presence on the social media of John Dodson, UFC fighter

If you are about to become a professional MMA fighter these days, you need to target your territory on social media. This is a given. The bizarre online world is where fighters interact with fans, try to organize future struggles and sometimes just fall into strange bunny holes.

But what can we learn about people wasting our time scouring their social media to find clues about their true self? That, friends, is a useless and absolutely unimpressive work for The Blue Corner.

These are the Hashtag files.

John Dodson, UFC cock

Twitter and Instagram manage: @JohnDodsonMMA
Twitter followers: 93,000
Instagram followers: 211,000

Following John Dodson on social media is a little like trying to follow him in a conversation: there's a lot to do, everything is happening very quickly, and the positivity of it all is almost overwhelming.

Seriously, if I learned anything about him from examining his presence on Twitter and Instagram, it's that in a world where everyone seems to spend most of their time getting angry online, Dodson, who fights Petr Yan at UFC on ESPN + 3 Saturday is a rare outlier.

The boy is simply ecstatically happy. Always. Of everything.

If you publish something on Twitter that also offers a lukewarm approval of him and his skills, chances are you'll retweet yourself. If you respond to one of your self-promotional post of hating his fighting style, will politely ignore you.

And if you think it annoys him at least for being one of the most miniscule UFC fighters, think again. The man has a sense of humor about himself, which is not something you can say for any professional fighter.

Even when he is coming out of a fake profile masquerading from him, Dodson does not really get angry. He seems to be constantly smiling, laughing, dancing and jumping back. Always with the backflips, this guy.

In fact, if there's one thing you can criticize Dodson on social media, it's that he's … a lot. All time. It is as if an overactive 10-year-old child has almost superhuman agility and no adult around to tell him to settle down and go to bed. And even when he goes to bed, he still finds a way to incorporate the backflip:

Dodson's too much dedication is also reflected in his use of hashtags. For example, it constantly reminds us that #speedkills. He is also a big fan of #hardwork and #ninjastatus. Even this last is not just a slogan. Dodson appears to own a clothing company called Ninja Brand Inc., whose website often links to Twitter and Instagram.

And this is the other thing you learn about Dodson from examining his presence on social media. This guy has no problem highlighting various brands and people – and not just those he directly benefits from.

Teammates, coaches, chiropractors, even various musicians and artists that he likes, Dodson will help his friends through social media whenever he has the chance. He's also going to peek out with Freddy Krueger at Comic Con, like you.

The other thing he meets on his social media is Dodson's sincere love for MMA and martial arts in general. Unlike some fighters, it seems to be glued to TV whenever there is an event, and not just to support his teammates. He hardly ever criticizes the other fighters, even when they beat his favorites. It is always happy for the winners and supportive with the losers. He also constantly finds ways to have fun in his training, which is not so easy during the long training period.

Perhaps the most impressive? Even if someone always finds the way to be an idiot in the answers to his tweets and his comments on his posts on Instagram, Dodson does not seem to notice. You simply do not see him take the bait and tell anyone to go to hell, even when someone is making the mess of his choice of words in a nice post about his family.

This requires real control. Or at least it would be for most of us. For an inexorably positive little ninja like Dodson, maybe it comes naturally.

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