When two Icelandic mayors indignant at seeing their cities covered with snow

The mayor of Bolungarvik regrets to see his city covered with snow on Google Maps. – Google Maps

The mayors of two cities in northwestern Iceland recently expressed anger over the representation of their municipalities on
Google Maps. The satellite images offered by the portal show Bolungarvik and Isafjördur covered by snow.

However, this is not representative of the aspect of these cities throughout the year, say the elected officials. So they decided to challenge Google.

A truncated image given to tourists

Every day Bolungarvik Mayor Jón Páll Hreinsson writes a commentary to the American giant, an Icelandic media article reports. vizier. "This snowy image annoys me. (…) I will post a comment a day until I can contact them, "assures the edile.

The elected fears for the image of his city. "I think of the millions of people who might consider visiting the fjords of western Iceland, who look at Google Maps and see only snow," he laments on Facebook.

Mayors call on locals to come forward

In Isafjördur, the main city in the region, there is also a negative impact on tourism. "Imagine someone wondering where to go: rather the west? Or north? And here is what he sees on the map: while everything is sunny and green on one side, on the other it is covered with snow. Where will he go, according to you? "Asks the mayor, Gudmundur Gunnarsson.

The two Icelanders do not deny the presence of snow in their communes but believe that the white territories of Google Maps are not "the most realistic image of [la] region ". They call their citizens to manifest themselves to Google by signaling the obvious difference between their common daily and the representation that gives the software.

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