Why old posters urging recipients to become volunteers re-emerge on Facebook

RSA illustration. – ALLILI MOURAD / SIPA

  • "Volunteering to get out of the RSA, with the department, I believe in it! A poster with this slogan is again shared on Facebook, causing outrage.
  • This poster, authentic, promoted an initiative of the departmental council of Drôme: in 2015 and 2016, the Department encouraged the beneficiaries of the RSA to engage in associations.
  • The device seems to have been dormant since 2017, as associations 20 minutes.

Coincidence? On February 15, Edouard Philippe said he was "in favor" of setting up "counterparts" to social assistance. Four days later, an authentic but old poster prompting
RSA to become
volunteers were again shared on Facebook. "Volunteering to get out of the RSA, with the department, I believe in it! Is it written on the poster, which had been broadcast by the Department of

The poster campaign had been shared in 2016 on the Pôle emploi Facebook page. Since the statements of Edward Philippe, the post has been shared several thousand times. The image has also been posted on other Facebook pages. "Always further into indecency," comments the page Brain unavailable, in legend of the image.


This image is old: in July 2016, activists of Nights Debout had protested against this poster campaign by covering the posters with slogans, as reported then France 3 and the site of
Night Standing. This image was also used by the Department of Drôme
in its report of the year 2016.

The initiative was launched by Patrick Labaune, former UMP chairman of the county council. The elected member had alluded to it on the day of his election on April 2, 2015.
In an interview with the Courrier des Maires in February 2016, he explained "to have registered about 1,600 associations" which "would be likely to welcome beneficiaries of RSA so that they can return to social life, a social link see the world of work . The president said that "volunteering can be a stepping stone for some recipients who, instead of staying at home and waiting, will return to a more normal social life. "
According to France Bleu, 360 beneficiaries of the RSA were volunteers in October 2016, which represented 3% of the 12,000 beneficiaries of the department.

A device that seems to be dormant

The device is still put forward on the site of the Department, while the departmental council has
a new president since June 2017. However, it seems to be dormant: only three new volunteering offers
have been published on this site in 2018. This is confirmed by 20 minutes associations that welcomed beneficiaries of the RSA in 2016: "it must be soon two years that I do not hear more about it in the department", launches Jean-Marc Abattu, the president of the Office des sports valentinois, which unites " 145 associations ". Same answer from Philippe Poirier, technical officer at the Departmental Hiking Committee of the Drôme: "I have not heard from two years". At the Food Bank, where the initiative
had been presented publicly, Jean-Pierre Sérafini, the president, has more news either.

The associations draw a mixed assessment of this experience: "I was one of the first to register, but nobody came, says Jean-Pierre Sérafini. I was ready to welcome them. Jean-Marc Abattu points out that he "stopped the collaboration" because of the "lack of commitment" of the volunteer. Philippe Poirier explains that the initiative "did not fit very well within the framework of our actions". The volunteer, "very kind" specifies the technical framework, was responsible for helping to mark out routes. "He was trained, but he was not autonomous." Contacted by 20 minutes, the Departmental Council of the Drôme was not available to react, putting forward a question of agenda.

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