Why secretary of state Chebli crying out of the Berlin House of Representatives

Sawsan Chebli
is very busy on Twitter. In the course of the day she drops more than five tweets. The parliamentary secretary of state for citizen involvement in Berlin expressly does this privately. But she insists on commentary on daily politics. So she wrote after marching to the right in Chemnitz and openly hostility against Muslims: "Go to bed with a bad feeling, get up with a bad feeling, have never received so many hate mailings and death threats, the calls are getting louder, Muslims have to disappear. And I can not even trust our house secretary. & # 39;

But it was not this tweet that the MPs won from
and woke up AfD in the Berlin House of Representatives against Chebli. On Thursday, the opposition bank blew her against such a sharp wind that she left the plenary in tears.

What happened? Shortly after the Chemnitz concert, Chebli had tweeted: "We are (still) more, but too quiet, too comfortable, too divided, too disorganized, too timid … We are too little radical".

A moment later, however, she knew that tweet and made it clear: "Today we have said that we must be more radical, attach my radical importance to democracy and the rule of law." In view of the disgusting right-wing violence, I would not use the word because it could be violent. "

Then she pushed to:

Müller protects Sawsan Chebli

But the party leader of the Berlin CDU, Burkard Dregger, did not want to let her go two weeks later. In fact, the debate about the violence in Chemnitz and the erosion of the rule of law went into parts of society. But the conservatives blamed Chebli for inciting those state powers: "In
If we have a secretary of state who instead influences the situation in Chemnitz and even more radical calls, "says Dregger." Alman Carsten Ubbelohde wanted to know how the Mayor Michael Müller would curb the alleged call for radicalization of Cheblis,

He immediately jumped on his secretary of state: "Neither Mrs. Chebli, nor anyone else from the state government wanted to express that it would become violence." But at the same time he added: "You do not have to say it like that, it is not my choice of words either."

For Chebli, this dispute was probably too much. According to consistent reports from observers, she left the plenary room in tears. A short time later, however, she returned to the plenary meeting. Capital media such as the newspaper "BZ" speculate whether she was touched by the defense of her boss, or because he took distance from her.

There is no question of a replacement

As the "BZ" reports, it was not the first time that party colleague Michael Müller adjusted the wording of his state secretary. He said on 4 September at a reception of the SPD faction that the rule of law is never radical.

In the SPD some, to the annoyance of Müller inclined Chebli, rumored to go to independent escapades. For example, she proposed the compulsory visit of school classes to concentration camp monuments without an appointment. Some comrades also go too far when they discuss their victim role because of anonymous threats.

Mayor Müller, however, in the parliamentary debate rumors about a recall action Cheblis gave a clear rejection. He referred such accusations to the realm of legends.