With Marine Le Pen, the succession of the "president of the rich" is assured

As soon as the "journalistic" treatment moved away from the evocation of her family photos, or her cats (in an intimate "relationship" in her office), Marine Le Pen appeared on the set of Political issue de France 2, live Thursday night, completely disconnected from popular aspirations. Especially when the Smic issue was addressed. First, when Thomas Sotto and Léa Salamé, wanting to react to a series of "yellow jackets" statements, they asked him to position himself on his increase, claimed for months in the roundabouts. The heiress of Montretout, Saint-Cloud (Hauts-de-Seine), refuses once again: "I am for an increase in salaries, but this has no weight on the VSE-SME." Yes or no? "We should increase the Smic, asks Lea Salame." Excuse me but that's not how it works, "says the president of the National Gathering." But for the 2.5 million people who touch Smic, it's important! ", Framing Thomas Sotto.

Known choir, the head of the RN emerged from his idea of ​​"import social contribution", which would mean "a net salary increase of 200 euros which does not depend on the will of the company and which does not entail for TPE and SMEs and artisans an increase in the accusations "… There is still little, they expected a removal of the social contributions of the employees, causing" socialized "mechanically lower salaries, one that allows greater protection (unemployment sickness, old age. ..) of the worker. What the employee would earn artificially today would lose tomorrow (with interests, sickness, old age, unemployment adding to financial difficulties). But yesterday, he did not dare bring out this proposal. "So you are against an increase in Smic", concludes Salamé. "No, I'm not saying no, it's not true," says Le Pen. A small no, but not one anyway.

The same deaf dialogue on the power of purchase

On this issue of Smic, she too was directly compared to the yellow jackets. The editorial staff of the magazine introduced him to representatives in a bar near the National Assembly – not necessarily the place they frequent. Sequence that showed, despite claiming to have "supported the yellow jackets from the first hour", as Marine Le Pen is uncomfortable when it comes to tackling the shoulders. Moreover, he said, he never met at the roundabouts, but at Henin-Beaumont, a municipality in the RN where he did not run much risk receiving a delegation of "real yellow vests" (Sic), or Toulouse, where they explained to him have been "broken expelled from the extreme left", which give an idea of ​​what "true yellow cloths" are to you …

Here, then, also the deaf dialogue on the power of purchase: "I have not found anything coherent in your program", attacks Evelyne Liberal, yellow jacket that comes from the North. "We must already increase Smic, because 1204 euros net, is not enough", he adds. But Marine Le Pen does not stop: the companies "will not succeed". And when Anne-Sophie asks for "an increase in wages", the head of the National Gathering will say "Perfect! See, we are in agreement! But if we have" hidden "this" main problem "of salaries, you say, it's because there are "expenses that are made …" and here also "immigration", not far away in the speech of the extreme right of the lepenist. "Yellow jackets? But everyone asked, you said not before, "said Meriem Derkaoui, mayor of Aubervilliers, PCF." We're not talking about the end of the month. Now people are struggling to finish the third and fourth week of the month. Of course we don't realize that when we don't know how people live … "" Don't forget us, is that what you tell them? ", Advance Léa Salamé. The surprise of the elected suburb:" No, I don't count on her to do something. "

"I am not at war with the rich"

The screen that showed Marine Le Pen's answers to the questionnaire on the power of purchase and taxation at the beginning of the transmission already said it all, without the need to listen to theatrical clashes with the Sherpa Presidents, Jacques Attali , the former Italian prime minister Matteo Renzi or the minister of European affairs Nathalie Loiseau: against the birth of the Smic, against the elimination of tax loopholes for the richest, against the degressivity of unemployment benefits for the same social categories, but for a change in donations (150,000 euros every five years, against the same amount every fifteen years). Too bad that this measure does not help the "more modest", who claims to defend because he must "pass on a fortune to his children". Too bad that, in reality, the vast majority does not have the first stone of a heritage to "transmit", it is not to them that it is addressed.

"You spent two years saying that Emmanuel Macron was the president of the rich, but when you see him (the answers quoted above – ed) we say that fundamentally the rich do not have much concern to do …", remarked Léa Salamé. "I am not at war with the rich" will eventually abandon Le Pen. It is good for them, even with them, that Marine Le Pen will reign … as Emmanuel Macron does today, against which she claims the title of "best opponent". But Thursday night, the mask fell off.

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