Withdrawal Agreement: EU provides new assurances to British Government

The European Union has given Britain new assurances about the negotiated exit agreement. You should be head of government Theresa May help persuade the lower house in London of the agreement. MEPs are to vote on Tuesday on the contract with the other 27 EU member states. So far, much indicates a defeat May.

In a letter published on Monday, European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker and Council President Donald Tusk jointly asserted that the Brexit advocates' critical guarantee for an open border in Ireland, the so-called backstop, is just a reinsurance and should never be used. If he were still needed, then only temporarily, until a better solution was found.

In principle, the withdrawal agreement would remain as negotiated, despite the agreement, the letter said. "As you know, we are unable to agree to anything that changes or disagrees with the Withdrawal Agreement," write Juncker and Tusk. The Commission is ready to confirm the interpretation of the agreement.

Flowchart with the possible outputs of the Brexit negotiations

It states, among other things: "The Commission can confirm that the European Union, like the United Kingdom, does not want the backstop to come into force." It was determined to replace the clause with a permanent solution that would permanently exclude a hard border in Ireland.

Negotiations on future relations – and hence on this permanent solution – should begin immediately after the signing of the exit agreement and be completed by the end of 2020 within the agreed transitional period. Should the ratification of the proposed Partnership and Free Trade Agreement be pending, the Commission will recommend the provisional application of the Treaty, it said.

May considers whereabouts in the EU to be more likely than disorderly Brexit

May had previously warned against a blockade on the EU exit process. If the British Parliament rejects the Brexit agreement, a halt to the EU's exit is more likely than a farewell without a deal. The reported the British news agency PA, citing a speech manuscript Mays.

The PM wants to speak to factory workers in Stoke-on-Trent on Monday. "There are some in Westminster who want to delay or even stop Brexit and who will use every means at their disposal to do that," the manuscript states. But that would seriously damage confidence in democracy.

Should the lower house reject the deal, it could be an unregulated one United Kingdom and Gibraltar European Union membership referendum 29 March without transitional arrangements. Chaos threatens in case of an EU exit without agreement. May rejects a second referendum.

MEPs ask for Brexit resignation

More than 100 MEPs campaigned for a renunciation of the EU. "We ask that, in the interest of the next generation, the withdrawal be reconsidered," it says in an open letter written in Great Britain should be published.

"Any British decision to stay in the EU would be very welcome and we would work with you to reform and improve the European Union," the Funke media group quoted in the letter.

MEPs continue: "We have appreciated the tremendous influence of British politicians and citizens over the past 40 years, and we would miss the extraordinary expertise of our British colleagues." Co-signer Peter Liese (CDU) told the Funke newspapers: "We want to send a message to the people and thus to the lower house, and make it clear: If the British decide to stay, they are welcome."