Women working at McDonald's are striking about sexual harassment next week – Vox

Women working at McDonald's are striking about sexual harassment next week – Vox

Women who work at McDonald's say that they are sick of with supervisors who touch them, ask for sex and expose themselves to work. When they report the behavior, managers ignore them, say or even punish them. So they go on strike.

On Tuesday, September 18, female employees at McDonald's in 10 American cities will organize an eruption to put the company under pressure to address the problem, according to the Associated Press.

The strike is significant because it is the first strike of labor that targets a US company related to #MeToo – a year after Harvey Weinstein's claims inspired hundreds of women to share their experiences with sexual harassment.

The # MeToo movement has overthrown some of the most powerful media managers in America, but industries with a large number of low-paid workers, who are most likely to experience intimidation, have largely been ignored.

"We want to change the culture in McDonalds, and by doing so the culture in the fast food industry is changing, "Mary Joyce Carlson, a lawyer for the Fight For $ 15 labor campaign, told Politico.

In May, 10 women filed complaints about sexual harassment against McDonald's restaurants at the American Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Some of them are now organizing the strike in collaboration with the Time & # 39; s Up Legal Defense Fund, a legal support group for employees who experience sexual harassment, and Fight for $ 15, a working group that fights for higher wages in the fast-food industry.

It is unclear how many employees participate in the strike, but the AP reports that hundreds of women in newly formed women's commissions & # 39; in dozens of McDonald's restaurants before the strike have voted.

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