Worry in Angers on the eve of the regional event

Manifestation of – L.Venance / AFP

Until now, Angers had been relatively unaffected by the demonstrations of "yellow vests". Although several rallies have already been organized in the capital of Anjou, they have never gathered more than a thousand protesters. But Saturday, it could be quite different. A regional event is announced
on social networks for Act X of the movement.

The appointment, which has not been declared in the prefecture, was fixed at 13:30, at Jardin du Mail. The authorities fear the arrival of thugs coming, in particular, from neighboring departments.

City center cordoned off by police

Considering that there were "serious risks to the safety of people and property", the prefect of Maine-et-Loire has decided to ban the parade procession in downtown. A map of the perimeter concerned by the ban has been published. It includes the castle of Angers, the Place du Ralliement, the courthouse and several pedestrian streets

"The forces of the order mobilized will take care, on the one hand, to make strictly respect this prohibition and, on the other hand, to prevent that degradation and exactions are committed by disruptive elements", warns the prefecture.

"Traders will not open"

This deployment of means does not reassure the traders. "Will the CRS contingent be enough? As there are works of the tramway at the moment, the rioters will have all kinds of objects available to do the bazaar ", worries Dominique Gazeau, president of the association Vitrines d'Angers.

Several stores have taken action. "All the banks around the Mail are putting boards on showcases, explains Dominique Gazeau. The coffee makers will put away their terraces. And then there are traders who will not open. They do not want to take a chance. A second weekend sales, it will necessarily affect the turnover. We really did not need it. "

The town hall of Angers has also announced the closure, as a preventive measure, of municipal equipment Saturday afternoon, including the Museum of Fine Arts, the media library Toussaint, Park Olonne or garden plants.