Yellow-veins leader from Grenoble arrested | TIME ONLINE

Julien Terrier, Leader of the Yellow-West Movement in Grenoble is in custody. He is accused of carrying out an undeclared demonstration.

Yellow-veined protesters in Paris
© Claude Paris / AP / dpa

before the start of the new Yellow West protests, the leader of the
Movement in GrenobleJulien Terrier has been taken into custody.
The prosecution accuses him and his fellow Jérôme Bouzendorffer, among other things, the organization of an undeclared
Demonstration before. Terrier was already similar in December
Allegations in custody. Both are at a police station in the
detained southeastern French town.

Already on the 15th
On Saturday the yellow vests want to take to the streets.
Rallies, among others in Bordeaux, as well as in the capital Paris
announced. There sat at noon two protest trains on
Arch of Triumph over the Champs-Elysées towards Eiffel Tower in

Yellow-vein movement calls for the resignation of President Emmanuel Macron and a departure from his reform course. Last was the
Participation in the demonstrations, however, declined: At the
last Saturday
the Ministry of Interior counted 41,500 nationwide
Participants, including around 5,000 in Paris. The violence during the protests
but also anti-Semitic incidents leave many French and
French now go at a distance to the yellow vests.


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