"Yellow Vests": the lively exchange between a motorist and protesters: "We are not here for fuel": l


While 125,000 demonstrators took part in more than 2,000 meetings on the day of the "yellow vests" on Saturday, the tense exchanges between blockers and motorists on the roads were multiplied. In Vannes, for example, a motorist who refused to take part in the operation was taken by various demonstrators, in a lively but respectful exchange, picked up by the microphone of Europe 1.

"I am for raising taxes". "Come with us", says a participant and invites him to take part in the "yellow vests" meeting in this town of Morbihan. "No, I am for the increase of the taxes on diesel," the driver responds, on the way a few sizzling. To justify his position, the man puts forward the ecological argument. "If you drive more than 200 kilometers and you have no butterflies, mosquitoes or anything on your windshield when there was a lot of ten years ago, they are true", he tries to explain it.

"People, even with two salaries, can not do it anymore." But the argument does not convince a "yellow cardigan". "When you see that our ancestors have fought for all the rights that we now have and that we are currently living in a dictatorship and that even people with two wages in a house can not do it anymore, do you think that is normal?" they fierce. Referring in particular to her grandmother who "loses at the level of her pension", she explains that she is still there "for everything that goes wrong in France".

"I have problems like everyone else", says the car driver, "but unfortunately today we pollute everything and need awareness."