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Simple Poster Designing Tips

A poster is most often used as a tool for advertising where it lets people know about something. A good poster must be able to look interesting, thus the design of the poster is really important before it goes to the process of poster printing that is not any less crucial. However, the design determines the quality of the poster greatly. Even if the printing method is top notch, if the poster is not well designed, it will not come out nicely and most likely it won’t be able to fulfill what it is set to do in the best way possible.

1. Make Sure That it is Easy to Read from a Distance

Since a poster needs to expose people to an event, at the very least, the key information of the poster must be easy to read even from a certain distance. This way people will be interested and be drawn to it and try to read more information displayed on the poster.

In designing a poster, there have to be three distinct layers:

1. Headline: The headline of a poster must be present as the largest text element in the poster design. For the headline, the font that is chosen must be interesting and able to draw attention.

2. Detail information: Of course, a poster needs to be informative. The detail information regarding what, when, and where of the event must be present. These questions are to be set in the second level of the text. Preferably, the size of the details is about a half of the size of the main headline. This is to of course create a good hierarchy.

3. Fine prints: Fine prints should be smaller than the other layers and not be present in the main focus of the poster. Meaning that this layer should be out of the way and is put subtly.

2. Contrast

High contrast between elements of the poster can help you to heighten the chance of your poster to grab people’s attention. You should be brave with the choice of colors and experiment with them to see which one works best. One of the tips to make your poster stand out more compared to the rest is by printing a big color background with a full bleed.

3. Think of the Size and Location

This is very crucial to consider. You have to know where is your poster going to be put up. This information affects the ideal size of the poster along with its aspect ratio, visual clutter around the poster, and if it is appropriate to put a call to action. If you know where your poster will be located, it can also factor the choice of colors. For example, you should not choose the same colors of the wall or place you will place your poster in for the design of your poster to make sure that it stands out and can be seen even from a distance by anyone who passes by the poster and you can visit Kiasu poster printing page for more info.

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